Some of my work, published and unpublished

A draft of an article on Haṭhayoga and Philosophy, to appear in the Journal of Indian Philosophy.

Yoga and Yogis. A revision of a lecture I gave at Columbia University, New York City, in September 2011, published, with reproductions of the pre-modern miniatures and modern photographs I talked about, by Namarupa magazine, March 2012.

A draft of an article on Śāktism and Haṭhayoga to be published in a forthcoming volume on Śākta Traditions, which is a collection of papers presented at a conference on the subject in Oxford in September 2011.

The entry on the Nāth Saṃpradāya in the Brill Encyclopedia of Hinduism Vol.3 (2011) page numbers not yet known.

The entry on Haṭha Yoga in the Brill Encyclopedia of Hinduism Vol. 3 (2011), pp. 770-781.

An article on the Original Gorakṣaśataka published in David Gordon White’s Yoga in Practice, Princeton University Press 2011, pp.257–272.

An article on Siddhi and Mahāsiddhi in Haṭhayoga published in Knut A. Jacobsen’s Yoga Powers, Brill, 2011, pp. 327–344.

The paper I presented at the 2011 American Academy of Religions conference in San Francisco - A Response to Mark Singleton’s Yoga Body.

The Khecarīvidyā

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For my translations of the Gheraṇḍasaṃhitā and Śivasaṃhitā in the series, see
here. Here is a sample of the former volume and here one of the latter.